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100% synthetic

Vegan Welding Gloves

Our gloves are made from 100% synthetic, aramid outer with a cotton inner lining.  Loose fitting large, gauntlet style, overall length 14”.

Meant for the most punishing types of welding.

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About Our Gloves


ARAMID WELDING GLOVES. Aramid fibers were invented in the 60’s and used extensively by NASA for the space program. Think ol’ Buzz and Neil played rocket man in leather fetish wear? Shit no. 

They were wearing para aramid fibers, which have a chain molecule organization so as to give a decomposition temperature of 500C (932F), whereas leather ignites at 212C (414F). Aramids are non-conductive, resist abrasion, and will not contribute to the energy of a flame. They are lighter weight than leather and have excellent breathability. 

Most importantly, nothing dies violently and against its will for these gloves. Yessir, 100% Vegan welding gloves courtesy of the fine folks at KVM Welding.

Our gloves are made from 100% synthetic, aramid outer with a cotton inner lining.  All gloves are a loose fitting large, gauntlet style, overall length 14”. They provide excellent spark and slag resistance, have good heat insulation properties, high chord modulus (durable), and are meant for the most punishing types of welding. They absorb water so be cautious, as if they are wet they will conduct heat and electricity. These gloves are safe. I use them myself, however safety is your responsibility. Keep your gloves in good order with the repair kit provided and realize that if you weld, you will get burned. They are a wearable item with a limited lifespan. You determine your own risk tolerance. We will not be held responsible in any manner for any injuries sustained during the use of our welding protective equipment. All Gloves are inspected personally and guaranteed to be free of defects, and will be replaced free of charge if defects in an unused glove are found. Please use the enclosed 100% Kevlar thread to make repairs as you use your gloves until you deem them necessary of replacement.

Product information: Para-aramid outer with cotton fleece inner. Fire resistant screen print used.

https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Aramid for information on aramid fibers.

Made in India: India is the world’s largest democracy and truly values life.  We purposefully source our gloves from India and are proud to support a peaceful society that values human and animal rights.  Everyone should source from India. People should ask whether the countries they support are democratic, respect human rights, support religious freedom, free speech et cetera.

Leather-free, kosher, halal, vegan, non-leather, man-made, ethically sourced, high-quality, synthetic, vegetarian, made in india, Hindu, Jain, Shakahari welding gloves

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The outside of the glove is made from a heavy weave para-aramid fiber. Dupont makes para-aramid fibers as well under the brand name Kevlar. Para-aramids decompose at 500C whereas leather begins to decompose at 212C, making these superior. The inner lining of the glove is heavy weave 100% cotton, naturally flame resistant.  Bullet resistant vests are made of para-aramids, spacesuits are made of para aramids, fire resistant suits are made of para-aramids, none of this shit is still made of leather.

Though para-aramids have very high durability, and anecdotally seem to wear out at about the same rate as my contemporaries gloves made from animal skin, until I do some destructive testing side by side I am not making any claim as to their superiority to leather gloves with repeated accidental contact with grinders, repeated contact with sharp edges on cut metal, or wire wheel contact. Out of these hazards the wire wheel seems to be more destructive to the para-aramid than to the leather, in my personal experience. As my friends gloves deteriorate they become hard and crusty, whereas these become softer and more pliable.

They are a bit bulky for TIG, and when feeding in filler metal you notice the size, though they provide excellent heat resistance. I am not a TIG welder, and when TIG welding for fun have not yet mastered continuous feed of the filler metal; I weld for 3 inches and then have to reposition the filler metal in my left hand. I imagine that if you had mastered the continuous feed technique these gloves might be overkill. We are working on TIG gloves that have less spark resistance and greater dexterity.

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